Led linear high bay 50W LogistiCam

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LogistiCam series

5 years warranty

Get to know our LED linear high bay with CHIP SMD NICHIA with 5 years warranty and a useful life of more than 50,000 hours of use.

The performance of this 50W linear LED high bay  allows better use of light in the storage areas of corridors and shelves, industrial buildings, exhibitions, etc. By changing lenses you can adapt it to your needs.

Do you prefer a circular LED high bay for open areas?

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The LED lighting you need. Save money with our NICHIA IP65 50W LED Linear high bay with a long operating period and a 5-year warranty. Designed to take better advantage of the light in the storage areas of corridors and shelves, industrial warehouses, exhibitions, etc. By changing lenses you can adapt it to your needs.



Reducing the price of a linear LED high bay is easily achieved, you can evaluate the quality of the product they offer you taking into account that the price depends on:

  • • Reduce the height of the aluminum body of the 50W LED linear high bay, making extra-flat luminaires with almost no refrigerator.
  • • Place only one higher power COB LED instead of many lower power LEDs that transfer heat across the entire surface of the LED linear high bay.
  • • Remove the DRIVER from the LED linear high bay (driverless).

Due to these differences in the design and application of the state of the art, in addition to the price, its reliability is also reduced in the medium term, maintaining an adequate level of light with the passage of hours of operation will be compromised. The medium and long-term success of linear led high bay in industrial buildings and shops require a correct design and implementation of technology. The temperatures in the upper part of industrial buildings is much higher than the temperature near the ground and this will affect if the linear led high bay is not designed to manage it. A guarantee of less than five years in linear LED high bay will hardly allow you to return the costs of your purchase during the "guaranteed" time .



The choice of a led linear high bay with DRIVER is important, there are led linear high bay that directly supply 230 volts to the LEDS, called driverless led linear high bay . In systems without drivers, the LEDs are connected in series and directly exposed to a high voltage, the voltage of the electrical network. Systems without drivers produce a flickering in the light (flick) at high frequencies, where the human eye is not able to perceive it, this flickering can cause eye strain. The blinking appears because there is no DRIVER that converts the alternating voltage of your electrical network into a pure direct voltage with a lower voltage. In a led linear high bay with DRIVER there is a stable voltage and current that will never turn off or blink the LED. A led linear high bay with driver will produce a lower harmonic index.


You can keep calm, all our linear led high bay have a driver to maintain perfect operation of the implemented LED, and they have a control input that you can use if you wish. If you do not want to use this control input, you just have to leave it collected and disconnected, so the linear LED high bay will emit the light at 100% of its maximum power. But if you want to be able to regulate the light level and electrical consumption they incorporate all the necessary technology so that it can be adjusted using a 1-10Vdc regulator.

The power factor of our linear led high bay does not penalize you. The power factor not only affects the energy efficiency of the linear led high bay, and their useful life, it can also affect the amount of the electricity bill you receive. Electric companies apply a cost to this reactive energy when it exceeds certain levels.


In the ITC order 1723/2009 of the BOE, the penalty for reactive energy consumption is contemplated, and it is applied by all electrical distributors..

The 50W linear LED high bay has the NICHIA LED implemented with a symmetrical light opening of 120º to which optional optics of 90º, 30ºx70º, 50ºx90º, and 40ºx120º can be applied. The symmetrical apertures emit the same light in all directions, this will give us a uniformity and light comfort when lighting spaces, far superior to luminaires with more closed angles.


What level of light can I get?

The 50W Led linear high bay is a led linear high bay with the maximum energy rating that can be assigned to "A ++" lighting.

The level of light you will obtain will depend on the size of the area to be illuminated, the height and the separation between them.

A quick way to get an idea of the result I will get is by consulting the tab: Where to use it? You can get an idea of the lighting result you will get:

Dónde Usarla?

If you are not sure of the light level Em [lx] required for the area you want to illuminate, you can consult the average illuminance levels required according to EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 12464-1. We have summarized them in a table that you can access by clicking here: Light levels according to EN 12464-1

How can I verify the quality of the 50W linear LED high bay ?

Knowing the efficiency of LEDs and downloading your data sheet directly from the LED manufacturer: Osram, Hongli, Nichia, ect. With a few simple calculations we can get an idea of what they offer us.

All models have been tested in Spanish laboratories, both spectrometry and electromagnetic compatibility are tested. The color temperature, the expected color rendering and correct electromagnetic behavior guarantee light comfort and correct coexistence with other electronic equipment. You can consult the complete essays in pdf using the downloads tab.


Data sheet

Flujo luminoso
Eficiencia lumínica
Número de LEDs
Protección IP
Tensión de red
100-277V~ 50Hz
Durée de vie
Temperatura de color
Ángulo de Apertura
30ºx70º, 50ºx90º, 120º, 40ºx120º , 90º
5 Años
280 x 137 x 102 mm
Rango de temperatura de trabajo
-30 ~ +50ºC