1) Unpalletized packages will be sent by the transport company Seur.

Type of service: Express.
Coverage Insurance: Theft, loss and / or breakage until delivery.
The delivery period will start from 12:00 AM after order confirmation.

2) Palletized shipments will be made by other companies depending on the destination address.

Transport cost for purchases that do not exceed € 300 for free shipping (VAT included) Spain / Portugal (Peninsula) - 24 / 48h .
<= 135€ with VAT <= 300€ with VAT More than € 300 purchase (VAT INCLUDED)
Transport cost for withdrawals or uncollected returns (G *). Spain / Portugal (Peninsula) 24/48h
1 Unt. 2 a 7 Unt. 8 a 17 Unt. 18 a 30 Unt. > 30 Unt.
Without palletizing Without palletizing Without palletizing Palletized(*) Palletized(*)
22,58€ 22,58€ + (1,19€ x n.) 22,58€ + (2,38€ x n.) 117,7€ by Palet 141,4€ by Palet

n = number of bells.

(*) A return will be accepted in the form of palletizing as long as it is made on the same pallet, preserving the strap, protections and preparation of the delivered shipment, without any modification of the package.

(G*) In the cases that the conditions for the application of the guarantee are not fulfilled, the shipping costs will be assumed by the client; and they are stipulated in this table.

Transport cost for the rest of countries in Europe that do not exceed the minimum purchase amount for free shipping - 72 / 96h

ORIGIN <= 135€
with VAT
<= 300€
with VAT
<= 500€
with VAT
<= 700€
with VAT
<= 1800€
with VAT
> 1800€
with VAT
France, Germany 26,3€ 32.1€ 34,5€ 58,4€ 168,2€ 336,5€
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Italy (*1), Luxembourg, Poland 35,7€ 45,2€ 77,5€ 89,1€ 199,2€ 398,4€
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, 53,7€ 58,4€ 117,8€ 160,5€ 270,6€ 540,9€

(*1) The destinations of Corsica and Sicily have a supplement of € 15.

REST OF DESTINATIONS (Exports outside the EU and the Canary Islands).
CONSULT through our email: administracion@campanasled.com

(*) In the case of a large volume in units or an export outside the EU, in which regulated palatalization methods are required, TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. reserves the right to contract the shipment with another transport company, without this affecting the delivery time, quality of the service and the amount of the same.