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  • LED Street Light 100W


    EcoStreet serie

    5 years warranty

    Energy labelling D

    The LED street Light of the EcoStreet series is a high-efficiency road luminaire (135lm/W). It has wide-angle opening thanks to the use of a specialized optic, allowing this LED street Light be able to illuminate pedestrian streets, urban traffic routes, private outdoor spaces,... Its design and Aluminum fabrication gives great durability to this LED street Light.

    The LED Street Light incorporates LED’s Lumileds - High efficiency and durability technology.

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  • LED Street Light 75W


    SupraStreet Serie

    5 years warranty

    Etiquetado energético B

    EPREL sheet

    The SupraStreet series LED street light is an LED luminaire used for lighting pedestrian streets, vehicle circulation streets and even private outdoor spaces such as courtyards or gardens.

    This LED street light has a high luminous efficiency (160lm/W). Due to the large aperture of the optics it has, it produces a great light comfort.

    The LED street light incorporates Nichia LEDs, using Japanese technology, which offers high efficiency and durability.

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  • Solar street light

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  • Solar outdoor streetlight...


    SupraSolar Series

    5 Years Warranty

    The Solar outdoor streetlight SupraSolar series is designed for areas where there is no electrical grid, such as installations in parks, residential areas, gardens, paths, beach areas, bike paths and many more.

    The Solar outdoor streetlight has a real efficiency of 130 lm/W thanks to the high-efficiency Lumileds LEDs installed on the PCB board.

    The Solar outdoor streetlight SupraSolar series incorporates a 18Ah - 230.4Wh LiFePO4 battery and a monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel. All this on a high quality aluminum chassis.

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