Ahorro energético y garantía

A smart choice is based on the selection of the necessary parameters to obtain the desired end.

In industrial lighting with LED technology, the smart choice is one that allows you:

1) Save energy, therefore reduce the costs derived from it.

2) Improve light comfort, durability of light intensity.

3) Reduce maintenance costs (lifting cranes, new lamps, ect.).

4) Not only amortize the investment, demand a minimum of 5 years of guarantee that ensures you obtain a great economic benefit.

5) A price that allows you to be more competitive thanks to the reduction in costs: Investment Vs energy saving.

Our industrial led hoods have been designed to meet all 5 points:


valida 1) Great energy saving: energy rating type A of the LED.

valida 2) Great light comfort: color rendering & gt; 80 and LM70 lumen maintenance (>50000h.)

valida 3) Great durability: the electronics and led tests are carried out in Spain.

valida4) 5 YEARS OF GUARANTEE, do not give him less for more: Guarantee and price go together.

valida5) The best price: great quality, great efficiency, a great guarantee.


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