3 August, 2020

LED high bay depending on the light level required 

UNE 12464-1 What level of light do I need? Having facilities with lighting and uniformity adapted to the needs of users is a requirement subject to regulation. In this article, we will focus on the lighting required for certain installations present in the industry and stores where they can use […]
31 July, 2020

Led high bay

Led high bay Vs energy saving Nowadays with the constantly rising price of electricity, saving energy has become one of the main priorities of the vast majority of companies seeking to maximize their profits by increasing their competitiveness. Our LED high bay is your greatest ally for you in order […]
31 July, 2020
Campana IP65

LED High Bay Vs IP Protection

IP protection degree The degree of IP protection of our LED bells refers to the international standard IEC 60529, used by most countries, which determines the level of protection vis-à-vis the tightness of a luminaire against external agents, solid or liquids. This is a very important factor when choosing an […]
31 July, 2020
Simulador Potencias

Led high bay Vs power

What LED high bay do I need? The choice of the power of the LED high bay that we have to install will directly influence the light level obtained. Consumption watts are important, but not only, we must also take into account: – LED efficiency. – Losses caused by optical […]
31 July, 2020

LED high bay light type

Color temperature in an LED high bay? The concept of “color temperature” can only be applied to white light and refers to the predominance of certain colors of the light spectrum in this type of light, and not to the amount of heat emitted by the LED high bay, a […]
30 July, 2020
Indice Cromatico

CRI of led high bays

Chromatic performance of an LED high bay? There are many factors to consider when choosing our LED high bay, but without a doubt one of the most important is the ICR / CRI color rendering index.
30 July, 2020

Why is the power factor important?

Why is the power factor important? The power factor is one of the most important qualities that must be taken into account when choosing an LED high bay, since this parameter determines its energy efficiency grade.
30 July, 2020
Buena Uniformidad

Good uniformity, without shadows with a led high bay

Which opening angle of the led high bay? The opening angle is one of the aspects that we must take into account when choosing our LED high bay. Currently, thanks to the versatility of the technology implemented in LED high bay, we can find on the market a wide variety […]
9 June, 2020

COB or SMD led high bay?

Differences between a COB led high bay and an SMD? When looking for an LED high bay, we can see LED high bays with the cheaper COB technology, a single CHIP LED concentrates all the power, so you just need to install this chip and power it, it is cheaper […]