Company specialized in medium and high power industrial lighting.

For several years the technical and engineering team at the head of TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. has been designing solutions in order to offer the market a smart option.

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. has opted for direct sales through its online trading web platform, eliminating the costs derived from distribution chains from the cost of the product. Offering a quality luminaire with a five year warranty at a very competitive price.

Why pay more for the same? is an important question, LED lighting advances by leaps and bounds, choosing what you really need will be your best option. Paying for what you don't need will be increasing your investment unnecessarily, reducing your real economic savings thanks to reduced electricity consumption.


Our tests have been carried out by technology centers in Spain, attached to the product sheets, for TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. it is important to get your trust, with measurable values, properly tested and from reliable sources.

LED technology is a technique that requires control of the current and temperature parameters that are applied to the LED chip. For this TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. opted for recognized LED chips from the Lumileds and Osram brands, for which a refrigerator was designed in order to maintain its luminosity according to the LM-70 certificate.

The diameter of the luminous surface, the height of the refrigerator guarantee that the thermal values ​​during its operation do not penalize the durability of the product.

The electrical behavior of its driver (switched power supply - non-linear load) has been designed to provide an excellent result in its electromagnetic behavior (EMI) and resistance to electrical disturbances that reach it, such as transients, very common in the industry. and workshops, caused by variable frequency drives, hydraulic or pneumatic groups and dashboards.

Using the right thing to offer a guarantee of success, allows TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT S.L. be one of the most profitable products for you and with greater reliability.


LED Efficiency: 175 Lm/W

Camapana_led-c Campana_led_100W-osram Campana_led_120W-osram campana_led_150W-osram campana_led_200W-osram

LED Efficiency: 155 Lm/W

Camapana_led-c Proyector_led_100W-lumileds Campana_led_120W-lumileds Proyector_led_150W-lumileds Proyector_led_200W-lumileds